How do I know if my television or set-top box is HD ready?

In the channel listing, HD channels have HD in their name. If you receive TV broadcasts via an antenna network, HD channels can be found in channel slots 21-40. In the cable network, HD channels are in slots 1-20. You can check if your TV or set-top box is ready to receive HD broadcasts by trying to  view the content of HD channels on your TV.

  • If you can already view HD channels without problems, you don't need to get a new TV or set-top box. 
  • If HD channels are not displayed, the reason may be that your television, set-top box or antenna system is not compatible with HD broadcasts. 
  • If you know that you are receiving broadcasts via the antenna network and you do not see HD channels, you can check with your property manager if your property's antenna system can receive HD broadcasts. If the antenna system is fine, you should get a new HD-capable TV or set-top box. 

Note that owning a Full HD or HD Ready TV does not automatically mean that your TV can receive high-definition broadcasts. The labels “Full HD” and “HD Ready” signify that the display resolution of your TV is high-definition quality. 


How do I find out if I receive TV broadcasts to my home via an antenna or cable network?

If you live in a single-family house or other small house and have a rake receiver on your roof, you probably receive TV broadcasts via an antenna TV network. 

If you live in an apartment building or another housing association, you should ask the property manager about this. 

Read more about the different tv reception technologies on our website: (External link) 


How do I get the right type of TV or set-top box?

To watch high-definition programs on a cable television network, you need a TV or set-top box with an HD tuner suitable for the cable network (DVB-C). 

To watch high-definition programs on the antenna network, you need a TV or set-top box with an HD tuner intended for the antenna network (DVB-T2).

You can get information about set-top boxes suitable for receiving satellite and IPTV broadcasts from the operator offering the service.

Almost all new televisions sold in Finland have an HD tuner, and most of them are suitable for both antenna and cable networks. The seller has an obligation to advise on the features of the device.


How can I recycle my old TV?

When you get a new TV, make sure that the old devices are properly recycled. You can return your old TV to an electronics store or use official recycling points.

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