When buying a new television, it is good to think about what to do with the old one. An old but fully functional television can be donated or sold to a new user. If the television no longer works, you can recycle it free of charge.

Old TVs can be recycled free of charge

Televisions, like all other electrical and electronic (EE) equipment, can be recycled free of charge if they no longer work or you have no use for them. They do not belong in mixed waste.  

You can take your old television free of charge to your local collection point for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). You can find your closest collection point at (External link). The website lists almost 500 WEEE collection points across the country. 

Many retailers that sell new devices also collect WEEE, including televisions. In Finland, there are almost 2,000 shops that sell electrical and electronic equipment and also take back old equipment free of charge. Under the Waste Act, small equipment (no external dimension exceeding 25 cm) can usually be recycled at large supermarkets and special shops selling electrical and electronic equipment without an obligation to purchase a new product. Televisions and other large equipment (one or more external dimensions exceeding 25 cm) can be recycled at any shop if you buy a new corresponding product.

Old devices and equipment taken to an official collection point will be primarily recycled in Finland. Up to 99 per cent of the material is reused as raw material in industrial production.

Trash... or treasure? Donate your TV!

When thinking about what to do with an old but fully functional television, it is good to remember your family and friends. Perhaps your grandparents, some other relative, a neighbour or friend would have use for it? Donating is always a good option.  

You can also sell your television on an online platform for second-hand goods. There are multiple websites for buying and selling used items, and you can find them via internet search engines.

Reuse and recycling centres accept TVs in all conditions

Reuse and recycling centres all over Finland accept electrical and electronic equipment. For example, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) accepts electrical and electronic equipment regardless of their condition. Devices that can be fixed are repaired for reuse, and those beyond repair are recycled as WEEE.

Before giving your old smart TV away for reuse or recycling, remember to perform a factory reset. This will remove all your personal details and data stored on the television, such as credit card details or photographs.

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